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Posted on July 10, 2024
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Teachers (multiple positions)
Anchorage, AK

Elementary Chinese and Spanish World Languages Immersion, Music (Orchestra)

Job Summary

Candidate will serve as a teacher at one or more schools within the Anchorage School District. Teachers create a flexible school age program based on subject matter taught, and a class environment favorable to learning and personal growth; establish effective rapport with students; motivate students to develop skills, attitudes and knowledge needed to provide a good foundation for preparation for college, vocational school or acquiring employment, in accordance with each student’s ability; and establish good relationships with parents and with other staff members. The teacher reports to and is evaluated by the site principal. This position requires a valid Alaska educator certificate. The number of workdays is based upon the AEA negotiated pay scale. Information on the pay scale can be found online on our Labor Relations Department website. This position’s grade level, content area taught, and work site may change dependent upon student enrollment and district staffing needs. Positions that are 0.50 FTE to 1.0 FTE are associated with the Alaska Teachers’ Retirement System (TRS), positions that are 0.40 to 0.49 FTE are associated with the Alaska Employees’ Retirement System (PERS). Positions that are 0.39 FTE or less are not eligible for state retirement benefits.

Job Requirements
The following are required: 

  1. State of Alaska Teacher Certificate: requires evidence that the applicant has complied with Alaska Statute 14.20.010 and may be employed as a certified teacher. Evidence of content knowledge shown by:

    • a posted degree in the content area of this position; or

    • a posted minor in the content area of this position; or

    • passing scores in the content area on a teacher competency examination accepted by the State of Alaska Department of Education & Early Development; or

    • a certificate endorsement in the content area of this position; or

    • a waiver request for the basic competency and content area exam requirements which has been submitted to the Alaska Department of Education & Early Development in support of an Emergency Teacher Certificate; or

    • (for world language immersion) World Language competency in the language of this position as shown by meeting the requirements of Alaska Statute 14.20.023 for a limited language immersion teacher certificate.

  2. (For world language immersion) Native oral and written foreign language speaking ability in the language of this position. 

  3. Requires bachelor's degree or higher from a regionally or nationally accredited university or equivalent established through a foreign transcript analysis. If the field of study is not Education, then (1) enrollment in a state-approved teacher preparation program is required; or (2) the applicant must meet the requirements of Alaska Statute 14.20.023 for a limited language immersion teacher certificate. 

Essential Job Functions
The responsibilities listed below are representative of the essential functions of this position. The successful candidate:

  1. Can describe their philosophy of education and demonstrate its relationship to their practice.

    • Understands how students learn and develop, and applies that knowledge in their practice.

  2. Establishes and maintains standards of pupil behavior to achieve an effective learning atmosphere.

    • Organizes class time to provide a balanced program of instruction, demonstration, work time and assessment.

    • Guides the learning process toward the achievement of curriculum goals and--in harmony with the goals--establishes clear objectives for all lessons, units, projects and the like to communicate these objectives to students.

  3. Teaches students with respect for their individual and cultural characteristics.

  4. Knows the teacher's content area and how to teach it.

    • Develops lesson plans and instructional material and provides individualized and small group instruction to adapt the curriculum to the needs of pupils.

    • Translates lesson plans into developmentally appropriate learning experiences.

    • Has the ability to use current technology to enhance instruction.

    • Has the ability to use technology for record-keeping and research.

    • Applies knowledge of current research and theory to instructional program.

  5. Facilitates, monitors, and assesses student learning.

    • Evaluates pupils' academic and social growth, keeps appropriate records and prepares progress reports.

    • Identifies pupil needs and makes appropriate referrals and develops strategies for individual education plans.

  6. Creates and maintains a learning environment in which all students are actively engaged and contributing members.

    • Provides individualized and small group instruction to adapt the curriculum to the needs of the student.

    • Creates a classroom environment that is conducive to learning and appropriate to the maturity and interests of the students.

    • Creates an environment for learning through functional and attractive displays, interest centers, and exhibits of student's work.

    • Supervises student environment, students, and volunteers.

  7. Works as a partner with parents, families, and the community.

    • Communicates regularly with parents by means of newsletters, notes, phone calls, conferences, etc.

  8. Participates in and contributes to the teaching profession.

The Anchorage School District is an equal employment opportunity employer.