Reservations & Office Manager

Riverboat Discovery   Fairbanks, AK   Full-time     Administration / Clerical
Posted on August 16, 2022


SUPERVISOR:  President

JOB SCHEDULE: 40-60 hours per week as needed. Schedule is flexible based on the time of year and the demands of the operation. Spring and Summer schedule is more rigorous and will include 12-hour days and 60-hour weeks at times, particularly during spring startup. 

SALARY:  Total eligible annual compensation $64,960 to $84,000 DOE (base salary plus performance-based bonus of 12%). 

JOB SUMMARY:  The Reservations Manager is responsible for managing and leading all aspects of the reservations department for the Riverboat Discovery, Gold Dredge 8 and any associated subsidiaries or products within the Godspeed Inc organization.  This includes overseeing a ticketing software program, close communication and coordination with tour companies and vendors, and confirming proper payment for all ticketed passengers.

The Office Manager is responsible for leading all administration and operational duties to maintain a properly functioning office environment for all departments to work from.


  • Knowledge:  Previous history as in the hospitality and travel industry and strong understanding ticketing and booking, or equivalent experience.

  • Safety Focus: Must be able to maintain a safe and comfortable environment for guests, employees, and the public. 

  • Leadership Skills:  Must be able to evaluate, train, manage, counsel, and develop retail department team members.

  • Customer-Service Focus: Must understand that customer service is a top priority and must conduct all actions with this in mind.

  • Problem-Solving Skills: Must be flexible and able to produce appropriate solutions quickly, working across the organization at times.  Must be able to find creative solutions to unique problems and employ a logical and organized thought process.

DUTIES AND RESPONSIBILITIES:  In consultation with or directed by the President.

  • Know, understand, and practice the objectives of the department. 

  • Work with the President to solve problems. 

  • Recommend the establishment of procedures as necessary to meet the objectives of the department and evaluate their effectiveness. 

  • Develop and foster high morale, enthusiasm, and teamwork among staff. 

  • Be familiar with and able to interpret, apply and abide by all company and departmental policies and regulations. 

  • Conduct interviews of seasonal staff candidates and make wise short-term and long-term hiring decisions. 

  • Develop and organize orientation and training for new and returning reservations employees. 

  • Update the Reservations Department Handbook as necessary to outline current systems. 

  • Supervise the reservations leadership team: leads, or assistant managers, with the goal of promoting efficient communication and fostering morale. 

  • Assign and/or coordinate daily and weekly tasks and specific goals for leadership team and front-line staff and assume responsibility for accomplishing those tasks and goals in a timely manner. 

  • Schedule and lead staff meetings at appropriate time intervals for managers and associates to communicate the vision of the reservations department. Listen to comments, concerns and suggestions and act as necessary to resolve conflict in an effective manner and report all to the President and HR Coordinator.

  • Conduct performance evaluations of employees and make recommendations for increased responsibility, promotion, counseling and/or termination. Report all to President and HR Coordinator for approval. 

  • Work with IT Coordinator to maintain and manage a reservation booking platform that integrates seamlessly with our website and mobile users.

  • Work with Marketing Coordinator to develop a marketing budget and creative marketing campaigns to increase product awareness and with the goal of increasing direct bookings.

  • Manage an annual Alaska resident preseason sale.

  • Build tour product schedules.

  • Work with all tour companies to receive sales forecasts and blocks and adjust to actual sales numbers as bookings are made.

  • Meet with the President of the Riverboat and Gold Dredge 8 to discuss product schedules and passenger levels.  Communicate passenger moves to tour companies to balance passenger flows.

  • Receive weekly sales reports, three day out and one day out dispatches to create trip summaries.

  • Manage all tickets functions from the drive, to ticket counter, to ticket taking and counting.  Balance each trip.

  • Work with Accounting Manager and Accounts Receivable Specialist to collect payments from all passengers.

  • Work with Accounting Manager to reconcile all credit card payments from booking platform.

  • Distribute and collect internal customer satisfaction surveys for all tour products.  Distribute and collect a ticket seller survey to monitor key passenger demographics.  Input all data and report on results.

  • Prepare reports for the President as assigned and take initiative to perform analysis independently to with goal of increasing direct bookings.  Be prepared to present reports, answer questions, justify changes and listen to suggestions and constructive criticism from the President.

  • Manage and maintain, with the assistance of the Maintenance Manager and Operations Manager, the office building and grounds so that all systems are operational, safe, and clean.

  • Coordinate the ordering, delivery, and distribution of office related supplies.

  • Work with IT Coordinator to maintain printers and associated supplies.  Schedule repairs as needed.

  • Work with Operations Manager to manage company security and maintain and manage company keys and security codes.

  • Maintain a calendar of full-time employee schedules and vacations. 

  • Work with Marketing Coordinator to plan and schedule employee functions, trainings, conferences, and events. 

  • Maintain the company’s membership to various trade organizations and associations.

  • Any other duties as directed by the president.

  • Organizational Skills: Must know how to keep yourself and others organized and how to determine which tasks are the most important in a given list.  

  • Attention to Detail:  Must keep focused on the small details that have come to define our brand and reputation.

  • Communication Skills: Must collaborate with other administrators and support personnel, management, and clients on a regular basis.

  • Stamina: Must be able to endure the demands of an intense spring and summer season that can require 12-hour days and 6 to 7 days a week.

  • Computer Literacy:  Must be able to use standard business software including Word Processing programs, Excel spreadsheets, PowerPoint, and other necessary programs.